Welcome to North Shore Cyclists!

Join other members at the 2021 Fall Annual Meeting, 6:30 pm October 29 at The Gould Barn

BLAZING SADDLES CENTURY pictures are posted here!

The NSC Officer and Director Nomination process is currently open. The 2021 process is below.

Please contact any Board member with questions.

Nominations period is open now until it is closed at 11:59 pm on October 27, 2021. 
Nominations are made by announcing the candidacy for an office on the NSC email list or by emailing the Board@NSCYC.org
Any member can nominate themselves or another member.
The nomination must indicate the office they wish to hold.
After a person is nominated and up until the annual meeting, the candidates can use the email list to discuss what they want to do in that office.
Votes will be taken at the October 29, 2021 Annual Meeting.
New officers assume office on January 1, 2022.



North Shore Cyclists (NSC) is a recreational bike club that draws its membership primarily from the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Whether you enjoy participating in group rides or simply like to follow our routes with a few friends, join the club and enjoy the camaraderie at North Shore Cyclists.