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Salem to Gloucester Ride

July 21, 2015 - 8:45am

Greater Boston Cycling/Outdoor Fitness Group

This is an approximately 34 mile, easy to follow road ride with nice views. It will begin at Salem Common, then head northeast over the Beverly Bridge to Water St. The road takes a couple of turns before Route 127 is found after the small beaches. Turn right onto 127 and follow it to West Beach in Beverly on the right, where we will take a short break, get water etc. It is then about eight miles of rolling hills to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester. This will be on the right, look for the sign since it's easy to miss. We will take another break here before heading back to West Beach. Here, an alternative route crossing 128 will be expplained and used to ride back to the Common.

This generally out and back ride is easy to follow, but one way maps will be available. Please have a bike in good condition, water, sunscreen etc. The pace will be approximately 14-18 mph, but slower or faster can be accomodated.

After the ride, Salem has many restaurants to enjoy lunch or a drink before heading out to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Salem, MA 01970 - USA

Saturday, July 25 at 10:00 AM

Attending: 12


Boston Bike Party - Treasure Island!

July 9, 2015 - 2:03pm

Greater Boston Cycling/Outdoor Fitness Group

Grab your trusty two-wheeled ships and foul-mouthed parrots. This month, we set sail across the high seas on the hunt for TREASURE ISLAND. Are ye with us or arrrre yeeeee WITH US?! Leis and coconut trees await all ye castaways forced to walk the plank!


-Ye Boston Bike PaarRRRRty's Treasure Island Captain

What is Boston Bike Party? It's a monthly, social bike ride around the city with music, lights, and fun. It's a great way to connect with the awesome bike community and make some new friends. This 1 minute video will explain what its like to be a part of Boston Bike Party.

We have over 400 cyclists coming via our Facebook Event Page.  Check it out and to see who else is going and to easily invite your friends.

We raise masts at 7:30pm, & set sail at 8pm!

Here is the Route and be sure to check out the Lookbook for ideas on what to wear to this island adventure.  

Boston, MA 02116 - USA

Friday, July 10 at 7:30 PM

Attending: 4


41-mile double loop out of Concord

July 1, 2015 - 10:14pm

Greater Boston Cycling/Outdoor Fitness Group

This will be a "figure-eight" shaped route starting in Concord Center. The first loop is just shy of 23 miles, heading north into Carlisle and Westford, and returning on the Bruce Freeman rail trail. Back in Concord Center, you can call it a day, or join us for a quick lunch and an additional 18 miles heading south into Lincoln and Sudbury.

Here's the route and cue-sheet:

And here's the old link for those who prefer this site:

The lunch options:

• If you bring your own, then the picnic tables by the brook right off the parking lot are ideal.

• Main Streets Market & Cafe has a small take-out shop right next to these picnic tables that serves "Burritos, Pizzas, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, Smoothies & Ice Cream". They sometimes get too crowded and run out of stuff. Also, I walked by them today and noticed that it now says cash only.

• Their main restaurant is in the same building, with an entrance on Main St. It would take too long to eat there, but they are great if you are looking for ice coffee or homemade lemonade to go.

• Helen's Restaurant is across the street, at 17 Main St. Standard coffee and sandwiches, cash only.

Haute Coffee is in an alley on the right, 100' down Walden St. Fancy coffee and sandwiches.

Let's meet up at 8:30 am and be ready to start at 9:00 am. Aiming to be back before 2pm.

The public parking lot on Keyes Rd, right in the center of Concord (it has public restrooms and a water fountain).

You need to be okay with a 12-15 mph pace. We will wait for everyone at the top of major hills and at confusing intersections, but please don't sign up if you can't keep at least a 12mph average pace.

What's required:
* Road bike in good repair
* Bike helmet
* At least one full large water bottle (you can refill at lunch)
* Spare tube, and air

What's recommended:
* Basic repair tools
* Snack
* Cell phone

Concord, MA 01742 - USA

Sunday, July 5 at 9:00 AM

Attending: 19


Salisbury Beach to Ordiorne State Park (out and back)

June 19, 2015 - 8:09pm

Greater Boston Cycling/Outdoor Fitness Group

Let's repeat this ride we had several weeks back. It has gorgeous views as we ride along the coast! 36 mile ride length

Very nice, mostly flat ride , expected rate of this ride is 14-16 mph. We will have a sweep.

Please make sure you have a bike in good working order, bring plenty of water, and energy food.

Helmets required!

We'll meet where we met last time which was just passed the $15 parking lot along the store front parking. It's cheaper to park there where there are can purchase time with an app that you can download (instructions are on the parking meter) . You can also add time to the meter remotely!

Bring a zest for fun and a sense of humor!

Salisbury 11542 - USA

Saturday, June 20 at 8:30 AM

Attending: 1


Western Cape Ann from N. Beverly. 30 miles (T-accessible)

June 13, 2015 - 11:30pm

Greater Boston Cycling/Outdoor Fitness Group

This Commuter Rail accessible ride tours western Cape Ann. Despite the seaside glory of Rockport and Gloucester, the real nice biking and scenery is to be found in the laid-back western part of Cape Ann - in eastern Beverly, Hamilton, Ipswich, Essex, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Wenham.  We will be stopping in Manchester-by-the-Sea for ice cream from Dusty's or quick food from Crosby's grocery store.

Make sure you bring a road bike.  A hybrid is a good bike for this ride too, if you are in good shape.  Sorry, no mountain bikes should be used on this all-road ride.

Route map on Ride with GPS:

Cue sheet:

For those who are arriving by train, there are some time contraints.  This means that in order to make it back in time you need to have an average speed on the road of 12 mph or faster, and a lunch no longer than 30 minutes. (This is a casual speed by the way, so it shouldn't be too hard for many people.) I will be arriving by train myself from Swampscott.  Departure time for this ride will actually be 10:20 not 10:15, but Meetup doesn't allow me to list an odd time for a start.

Getting there by the T: The Commuter Rail arrives at 10:09 AM at the North Beverly train station from Boston. The station is very close to the parking lot start behind Starbucks. Trains arrive at North Beverly at 1:15 to head toward Boston.

Beverly, MA - USA

Sunday, June 14 at 10:15 AM

Attending: 5


Boston Bike Party Presents: Boogie Lights

June 6, 2015 - 12:19am

Greater Boston Cycling/Outdoor Fitness Group

Feelin’ the night fever? Come celebrate Summer with a trip down to funky town! Grab some vintage threads, string up those neon lights, and get ready to boogie ‘cause Bike Party is turning this city into a disco inferno. We’ll start hustlin’ at 7:30pm and keep groovin’ all night long!

Check out our Facebook Event Page to see who else is coming (nearly 500 people signed up so far!)

Suggest songs on the Spotify Collaborative Playlist  

Check out our --> Lookbook <-- for inspiration on what to wear.

Route: TBA (about 10 miles, with a few party stops to get groovy)

After party: Beach Party in South Boston!

If you've never been to a Boston Bike Party you should expect a slow paced ride, following the rules of the road. If the weather is good, there will be a few hundred riders. It's a social event with lots of friendly people. The ride starts at Copley Square, and will go a few miles to the first party stop, then a few more miles to the second party stop, and few more miles to the final party stop which will be in South Boston at the beach.  Check out this video for a sense of the experience.

Hope to see you there!

Boston, MA 02116 - USA

Friday, June 12 at 7:30 PM

Attending: 8