How to Submit Your Ride

Communicate with a ride coordinator (Amy Ellis or Jimmy White) when planning your ride. They can advise you about existing rides or how to plan a new ride. After you planned your ride, submit information about the ride to webmaster Gordon Harris. Gordon will update the Ride Calendar to include information about your ride. 

Note: If you are leading a ride from a previous year and there are no changes to the route, you can simply email webmaster Gordon Harris with this year's information.  If you have changes to the route, please create new RideWithGPS pages (make the route public or share with Gordon) for each distance option. The webmaster cannot create routes, maps or cue sheets for you. 

Please send the following information to the webmaster:
  1. Name of the ride
  2. Date and time of the ride
  3. Start location for the ride (name of place and complete address)
  4. Ride leader name with cell phone and email address
  5. Brief description of the ride
  6. For each route option:

The RideWithGPS route number is used to create links to a map, gpx file, and cue sheet. You do not need to create a cue sheet.