Ride Leader Information

Ride leaders are responsible for planning the ride, making cue sheets, arrowing the ride, and starting the riders on their way.  It is also important to announce Sunday rides on the NSC listserver by the Thursday before the ride. Make sure to include links to the specific ride page so that people can download cue sheets, maps, and files. 

Because of our liability insurance policy, no person can lead a North Shore Cyclists group ride if they are not an up to date member of North Shore Cyclists.

Ride participants must be NSC members or must sign a liability waiver at the ride. 

This information was been prepared to serve as a guide for NORTH SHORE CYCLISTS ride leaders.

Ride Leader Guidelines

  1. Planning a ride
  2. Submit ride information to the webmaster
  3. Arrowing guidelines
  4. How to start a ride
  5. What to do in an emergency

Ride Leader Forms

  1. NSC Member Sign In Sheet
  2. Non Member Sign In Waiver Form with Minors on Back
  3. Incident Report Form
  4. Ride leader reimbursement Form

Send ride leader reimbursement forms to the club treasurer.