Here's what you need to do to get on a Zwift meet up ride:

1) Using the Zwift companion app, [blue icon]    hit the 3 dots [more] and select FIND ZWIFTERS   search for me, Tom Rickenbacker   and select 'FOLLOW'.  This allows me to invite you to a ride. Only need to follow me once.
2) I'll invite you to the Saturday ride        
3) In the Zwift companion app, select 'GOING'.  We are really done with the companion app, until the next ride. [To keep it simple]
4) At the ride time, [or before, if you want to get in early, and warm up] open the Zwift app [orange icon] sync with any paired devices
5) Select  'LETS GO'.
6) Now you have a choice of 3 rides up top. Doesn't matter what ride you select, just hit the 'RIDE' button.
7) It will put you on the street, look on the lower left and hit the button for 'JOIN MEETUP'.
8) This puts you in the meetup ride that you had accepted back in step 3.
9) You'll be stationary [on a trainer] until the ride starts, so you can pedal, and warm up.
10) At the ride time, the trainer disappears, and you pull out and ride. 

We can use the chat feature to throw comments up on the screen. I’ll create the rides to leave out all the other riders, so it's just us. I also figure we won't ’keep everyone together'. We'll ride at our own pace. You won't forget where your car is parked, and you don't need to wear a mask for this Zwift, virtual ride. Spitting is also ok.

If anyone needs more help, then I can assist one on one at a time other than ride time. I can get overwhelmed if it's a last minute support request, right before the ride. Let me know, if you want to do a trial run, at another time. 

I'll select a 15 mile course; I've been using New York City / Central park, perimeter loop. It might be a 6 mile loop, so we go around a few times. Not hilly. 

I don't claim to be a Zwift expert, but feel comfortable enough to host some rides. There are more features, and bells & whistles to Zwift, as well.

See ya out there!

Repeats every week every Saturday until Sat Mar 27 2021.
9:30 am
Ride Leader(s): 
Starting location: 
Where ever you train
Your Street
Your Town , MA

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