Recurring Rides

Spring/Summer rides

Ride name Starting Location Arrow image Start Date End Date Description
Emmaus Training Ride Northern Essex Community College 07/19/2021 09/06/2021

Come on a relaxed, scenic training ride in preparation for Emmaus, Inc's 33rd Annual Cycle for Shelter! This year, Emmaus is hosting weekly rides leaving from Northern Essex Community College from July up until the week of the big event on September 19, 2021. You do not have to be registered for the event to ride, but you can learn more about signing up and fundraising for the event here. Emmaus is a non-profit in Haverhill that helps homeless families and individuals get back on their feet by providing shelter, permanent housing, and supportive services.

Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome, we will move at a comfortable pace that works for everyone!

Monday Morning Recovery Ride REI 05/24/2021 11/08/2021

Welcome to the new and improved Monday Morning Recovery Ride 2.0.  This route gets us off some busier roads and after a few early hills caps it off with four miles of nicely paved roads through Harold Parker State Forest.  After this a couple of miles through a nice North Reading neighborhood and then the final sprint down Haverhill St.  This is a no rider left behind ride.  All abilities are welcome.  9 AM Mondays at REI Reading.  Hope to see you there.

Monday Night Ride Topsfield Plaza 05/03/2021 08/23/2021

All riders welcome. This is a ride on the quiet roads through Topsfield and surrounding towns. The loops are about 12, 17 and 22 miles. 

Casual Tuesday and Thursday Turtles Park and Ride 07/06/2021 10/05/2021

The Casual Tuesday and Thursday Turtles Ride brings things down to an enjoyable pace. This is a true no-drop, follow the leader ride of 20-25 mile at a 10-13 mph pace.  The route is provided to riders at the start.  Rides start at the Park and Ride in Topsfield, 16 Park St across from St Rose of Lima church.

Time changes or other information will be posted on the NSC website and through the list serve.  As with all rides, please check the website for any time changes the evening before the ride. 


New Boxford Ride Spofford Pond School 04/01/2019 08/19/2019

This 20 mile ride replaces the Tuesday night Bradford ride and is centered on the quiet back streets of Boxford.  This ride is not arrowed as they are not allowed in Boxford where most of the ride takes place.

Topsfield Hills Ride - Tuesday/Thursday Topsfield Linear Common parking lot 11/09/2021 03/29/2022

This little gem of a ride has been updated with two available routes.  Both take on the hills of Topsfield on quiet beautiful roads. The Topsfield Hills ride is a non-arrowed no-drop ride through the beautiful hills south of Topsfield center. After a side-trip to Howlett street the ride heads to River Road and does some loops to take in each hill in both directions. By the end you’ll feel great and be ready for any hill the season ahead throws your way. Everyone is welcome, we will regroup at the top of each climb and we are never more than 2 miles from the start. The ride is fun, trust me, if you avoid hills this is the cure. Enjoy over 900 feet of climb (and descent) in less than 16 miles.


Tuesday Andover Ride The park next to Andover Town Hall 04/20/2021 09/07/2021

North Shore Cyclists Andover ride arrowThis fitness ride through Andover features 1000' of climbing and fun descents over 18 miles. An optional short cut reduces the distance to 14 miles with 750’ of climbing. Meet at the gazebo in the park next to Town Hall. This is a no-drop ride; all riders welcome. Ride Leaders: Mabelle Chua, Tom Rickenbacker

Tuesday Bradford Ride Bradford Christian Academy 05/07/2019 06/04/2019

Long stretches of scenic riding with a few rolling hills. Loop into Boxford and North Andover. The arrow is a white ” 7 ” pointing in the direction of travel. Hillary will have a few cue sheets at the start. (There are a couple of arrowless Boxford turns). All are welcome, no one rides alone. The group may split into 2 depending on who shows up.

Tuesday Ipswich YMCA 04/27/2021 08/31/2021

We ride along the quiet roads between Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton.

Short ride 12 miles is mainly in Ipswich/Hamilton.

Medium ride 15 miles adds to the short by going to the edge of Essex then back to join the short.

Long ride 18 miles adds to the medium by going through scenic Essex then back to join the medium.

Each has its share of a few short easy climbs.  

All riders welcome.

Wednesday Ponds and Forests Smolak Farm 07/07/2021 10/20/2021

The September-October version of Ponds And Forests meets at Smolak farm in North Andover for a 40 mile, 29 mile, and  23 mile bike ride.
   The 40-milers head North up Bradford St., whereas the 29 & the 23 people begin their ride heading South on Bradford St. Sandwiches and Ice cream are available, or you can bring your own lunch.. All routes pass thru several ponds & forests. The routes are arrowed, except for Boxford.

Wednesday Salem Salem Willows Park 04/15/2015 08/26/2015

This is a ride on the streets of historic Salem and surrounding towns. This ride is for experienced cyclists only. We are riding in an urban environment that has in places narrow streets and may be heavily trafficked. 

Marblehead Routes: Terrain is gently rolling with a few hills. The standard ride goes around the Neck then through Old Town in Marblehead, and is approximately 18 miles in length. A long option increases the distance to 22 miles.

Beverly Route: Terrain is gently rolling with a few hills. The short (13 mi) and medium (20 mi) options head towards Prides Crossing. The short option loops around Endicott College. The medium option extends to Gordon College, and then swings over to Wenham before returning to Salem.

Wednesday Topsfield Topsfield Plaza

Mix of flat, rolling, and hilly terrain. Routes vary from week to week. Average pace for these 18-35 mile rides ranges from 16-21 mph. The ride varies, and may not always be the same routes. They generally head to Ipswich and/or Essex and back via Rt. 133, Waldingfield, Highland and Asbury Streets, and rolling terrain. Length depends on daylight. An alternate shorter route is available each week. Bring $$$ for pizza after ride.

Wednesday Topsfield Ride Topsfield Plaza 05/22/2019 08/28/2019

The Wednesday night ride from Topsfield is not arrowed because it changes every week.  Also, many of the routes we ride go through Boxford which doesn't allow arrowing anyway.  The big advantage of not arrowing the route is that we have can have a different route each week.  We have 5 or 6 routes, but there are small variations on each so by the time we get to October we've ridden just about every sweet section of pavement in Essex County.  We do post a link to each week's route for those with electronic savvy.  As I am incapable of typing and chewing gum at the same time, that is not me.  We also try to have a long and a short option for each week.

We hope you'll join us.  The more people we have show up, the more groups we can break up into so everyone can go at a comfortable pace.

Let's stay safe out there.

Winter Wednesdays Hammatt Street Parking Lot 04/14/2021 12/22/2021

Through December 29 the route is - Ipswich/Topsfield Figure 8, RWGPS File is WedAM 31

Start time is 10 am unless it says otherwise above and an email is sent. 

LUNCH LOCATION: lunch is at The Brown Dog, 14 Central St, Ipswich 

This is a recurring Wednesday morning ride with a differnet route each week - except during the winter.  The ride details including lunch location (above) and the start location, time and RideWithGPS route links in the normal spots will be posted here by the end of Thursday each week for the next weeks ride.  Routes are not arrowed. We'll attempt to continue into November.

Average ride speed is generally in the 15-16 mph range but all are invited as both slightly slower and slightly faster groups often occur that do a very good job at staying together.

Volunteer leaders are welcomed to offer and lead their favorite routes (preferably with a lunch offering during or after the ride).


Boxford Ride 1 Forest - Thursday Old Boxford Library 05/06/2021 08/12/2021
Boxford Ride 2 Baldpate Spofford Pond School 05/30/2020 05/30/2020
Boxford Ride 2 Baldpate - Alternate Thursdays Old Boxford Library 05/13/2021 08/19/2021

This 20 mile route replaces the old Tuesday night Bradford ride.  It is mainly focused on the quiet roads of Boxford and is not arrowed.  We will meet in the parking lot behind the old library near the gazebo.

Thursday Wakefield Comverse Parking Lot 05/06/2021 08/26/2021

Jump in on NSC's classic Thursday Wakefield Ride.  Beginning at the head of Lake Quannapowitt, we roll up through Lynnfield Center, past Pillings Pond.  Then down Lowell/Chestnut St, into North Reading Center, and loop around back to Lynnfield for a terminal velocity descent.  Finally a zippy chase around Quannapowitt for a glorious finish and the weekend can begin. There will be a fast group going out and an intermediate pace group.  Riders who enjoy either pace are encouraged to attend.

Ride leaders: Scott Wagner and John Crisley

Saturday Fitness Ride - SHOW and GO Masconomet Regional High School 04/24/2021 10/22/2022

This popular weekly ride meanders through Middleton, Boxford, Georgetown, Byfield, Newbury and Topsfield. Great mix of long flat straights and a few hills. 

The route file has been updated to follow the route most folks have been taking on Lakeshore Road to Center Street.

During the season, the Saturday Fitness Ride is being led by the "Saturday Fitness Ride Leader Team".

Please speak to the leader on any Saturday or email to help out and join the team.

The more the merrier. 

Saturday Morning Turtles Ride Masconomet High School 06/05/2021 10/16/2021

Easy going rides of 15 and 20 miles, mostly in Boxford, that minimize climbing.  Leaves from same place as Saturday Fitness Ride.

Winter rides

Ride name Starting Location Arrow image Start Date End Date Description
Indoor training session First Presbyterian Church 01/14/2016 02/25/2016
Group indoor training session for the off season. The objectives are:

1)  Have fun and get some exercise in an informal indoor group bike training session
2)  Work on pedaling skills - smooth circles with one leg pedaling intervals
3)  Build/maintain endurance and strength through increased interval training


Georgetown Saturday winter road ride Perley School 11/20/2021 03/12/2022

This 27 mile recurring weekend ride will hosted on Saturdays throughout the winter when road and weather conditions permit. We ride as a group at a moderate pace on some of the nicest rural roads in the North Shore area. The ride starts from the Perley School in Georgetown, MA.  Please note that Plum Island Roasters, our previous rest stop is no longer open.  There are several nearby options if you want to stop for a break in Newburyport.  Ride leaders will alternate between team of Mabelle Chua, Amy Ellis, Ralph Hanseler and Dan Krechmer.


Tom Rickenbacker's Saturday Morning Zwift Ride Where ever you train 01/30/2021 03/20/2021

Here's what you need to do to get on a Zwift meet up ride:

1) Using the Zwift companion app, [blue icon]    hit the 3 dots [more] and select FIND ZWIFTERS   search for me, Tom Rickenbacker   and select 'FOLLOW'.  This allows me to invite you to a ride. Only need to follow me once.
2) I'll invite you to the Saturday ride        
3) In the Zwift companion app, select 'GOING'.  We are really done with the companion app, until the next ride. [To keep it simple]
4) At the ride time, [or before, if you want to get in early, and warm up] open the Zwift app [orange icon] sync with any paired devices
5) Select  'LETS GO'.
6) Now you have a choice of 3 rides up top. Doesn't matter what ride you select, just hit the 'RIDE' button.
7) It will put you on the street, look on the lower left and hit the button for 'JOIN MEETUP'.
8) This puts you in the meetup ride that you had accepted back in step 3.
9) You'll be stationary [on a trainer] until the ride starts, so you can pedal, and warm up.
10) At the ride time, the trainer disappears, and you pull out and ride. 

We can use the chat feature to throw comments up on the screen. I’ll create the rides to leave out all the other riders, so it's just us. I also figure we won't ’keep everyone together'. We'll ride at our own pace. You won't forget where your car is parked, and you don't need to wear a mask for this Zwift, virtual ride. Spitting is also ok.

If anyone needs more help, then I can assist one on one at a time other than ride time. I can get overwhelmed if it's a last minute support request, right before the ride. Let me know, if you want to do a trial run, at another time. 

I'll select a 15 mile course; I've been using New York City / Central park, perimeter loop. It might be a 6 mile loop, so we go around a few times. Not hilly. 

I don't claim to be a Zwift expert, but feel comfortable enough to host some rides. There are more features, and bells & whistles to Zwift, as well.

See ya out there!

Topsfield winter road ride Bradley Palmer State Park

This ride is held Saturdays throughout the winter, weather permitting. Email will be sent to the listserver. The ride is not arrowed. 

Newburyport Sunday Winter Ride Cushing Park 11/21/2021 03/13/2022


This route is a slight alteration of the Sunday winter ride from Georgetown. Ride will start and end in Newburyport where lunch opportunities are plenty.  Download the route before the ride as there will be no cue sheets available and the ride is not arrowed. 

A team of leaders will rotate through the winter season including Brad Westbrook, Mark Shamon, Jason Gonzalez, Jim Goldberg and John Crisley.

Mountain biking

Ride name Starting Location Arrow image Start Date End Date Description
Willowdale mountain biking Willowdale State Park 11/19/2017 01/07/2018

All rides start at 10 am in Willowdale, both novice and advanced, and hopefully some in between! Mountain biking continues until snow covers the ground for beginners through intermediate level. Updates will be posted through the listserve.  Willowdale has 40 miles of trails for all levels, and great fire roads to learn on. The Forest exists as two separate parcels divided by Route 1. The eastern block of the forest abuts Bradley Palmer State Park and the Ipswich River; the western section includes 100 acre Hood Pond. 

Jimmy White and Paula Bossone lead novice mountain bike rides beginning the first Sunday in November.

Download a Willowdale trail map.