Rockingham Rail Trail Candia, NH

This is a flat gravel ride on the Rockingham Rail Trail from Newfields, NH to Candia.  We'll follow the Fremont Branch of the trail to the Fremont Library and ride Rte 107 to Raymond.  We'll hop back on the trail and head to Candia where we find our one and only hill. Then we loop around Onway Lake and return to Raymond where there are stores and restrooms.  We'll return to the start via the Rockingham Branch, meandering between trail and road. 

Gravel ride
Category 1 Smooth well maintained trails or dirt roads. 
Ideal bike: Road or gravel bike 
Tire size: 28-32mm 
See Types of Gravel Rides
Friday, July 26, 2024 at 9am
Rockingham Junction B&M Station
85 Old Rte 108
Newfields NH 03856

Parking is also permitted in the large Rockingham Ballroom lot when no events are taking place.

There are stores with restrooms 7.5 miles into the ride.

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