Welcome to North Shore Cyclists!


Thanks to all who attended the 2020 Fall Annual Meeting on Friday October 23, 2020, 

your support of expanding the Board to 9 members for 2021 and for electing the 2021 Board and Officers.




North Shore Cyclists had a soft opening of our Ride Schedule on June 21th with COVID 19 ride guidelines and will reassess these ride guidelines at each time the Governor issues his updates. 
These COVID guidelines allow rides to commence and are expected to be relaxed as the state moves through the phases.  This is obviously not for everyone.  There are no guidelines that meet all of the restrictions and make everyone happy.
If you are uncomfortable riding in a group under these conditions, please don’t.
If you are uncomfortable leading a ride under these conditions, please don’t.


These are the NSC COVID ride guidelines and will be reassessed after the Governor’s next update:
 Only NSC Club members can ride NSC rides during this time
 All riders will sign in at each ride
 Cloth face coverings, buffs or masks are worn before, during and after the ride. 
 Social distance guideline is 6 feet.
 USA Cycling recommends riding side by side or more than 20 feet behind.
 Per the NSC ride guidelines, we will start in groups of up to six riders and start the groups about two minutes apart.

Additional general thoughts and recommendations:
1. We are responsible to each other to avoid getting/giving the virus.
Do not ride if you are sick.
2. During this “restart” phase, please follow the NSC ride and COVID guidelines and use best practices at all times.  Public perception is important.  We are the face of cycling.
3. Carry/use hand sanitizer.
4. There are limited “rest stops” available, carry 2 water bottles and snacks.
5. Carry/use a handkerchief when needed
6. Prepare your ride at home rather than the parking lot checking tires, brakes and drive train.
7. Reference links –
NSC Bicycle Law / Courtesy guidelines 
USA Cycling Group Ride Recommendations

North Shore Cyclists (NSC) is a recreational bike club that draws its membership primarily from the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Whether you enjoy participating in group rides or simply like to follow our arrowed rides with a few friends, join the club and enjoy the camaraderie at North Shore Cyclists.