Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 11:30am
American Legion Park
20 Pentucket Ave.
Georgetown MA 01833
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The September 24 picnic will be held at American Legion Park in Georgetown. 

Our picnic menu will be a delicious Middle Eastern selection. It will also include hot dogs, Hamburg’s, fruit salad, drinks, dessert etc. we look forward to seeing you there after the rides. 

Our picnics are successful, fun and becoming more so.  This success utilized most of the 2023 picnic budget so, for this final picnic of the year, you will note there is a $10 fee. 

Refunds will be issued in the event the picnic is canceled for inclement weather.

Registration, required for this picnic, will close on September 21.  

There is no need to register if you are only riding.