Pre-ride Safety Talk

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and welcome everyone on behalf of NSC. If a small group (<10) you can suggest a round of name introductions.
  • Call for non-members: "Is anyone not a member of NSC. Please come forward and sign a waiver form." Feel free to introduce any non-members or new members to the group.
  • Safety Talk: Reinforce safety issues. Where applicable, point out any known safety issues on the ride. Reinforce the following safe riding principals:
    • Obey all vehicle laws.
    • Pay attention to road conditions, traffic, and other riders.
    • Signal intentions verbally and with hand signals - this includes: turns, slowing, stopping, holes, and other road hazards.
    • Call out "on your left" when passing - this is important to make sure the person in front does not pull out in front of passing cyclists
  • Ride Information: Briefly describe the ride. Remember only a few points can be retained so make them count.
    • Indicate major points of interest
    • Indicate major problem areas with reference to mileage.
    • Indicate the mileage for splits

Start the Ride

  • Start the ride on time. Do not leave earlier than the scheduled start.
  • If the group is small, announce the start and let riders filter out, inviting faster riders to go first.
  • If the group is large, stagger the start to avoid congestion. Release groups by distance, with the long going first. Allow several minutes between groups.

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